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Payment methods

1. Replacement
For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come via ACS and you pay the price at the time of collection. For orders where the total value of the selected products exceeds 150€ and the weight of 5kg, shipping is free of charge. If the total value of the products you have chosen is below the limit of 150€ the cost of the transport depends on the transport company or courier and the delivery area and the charge of cash on delivery is 1€ extra.

2. Deposit in a bank account
You can deposit the money of your orders to the following accounts. Either by deposit in one of the branches of the banks you worked with, or through Web Banking! IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you choose to transfer money from a bank other than the following, the transfer costs will be borne entirely by the customer.

Name of Accountant: SENSATION I.C.E.
IBAN: GR 4102 6046 9000 0680 2001 21877

Name of Accountant: SENSATION I.C.E.
IBAN: GR 8007 5008 0000 3080 0040 49500

Piraeus Bank
Name of Accountant: SENSATION I.C.E.
IBAN: GR 9101 7162 2000 6622 1062 67467

All accounts have ENTYPOSIS I.K.E. as the beneficiary.After depositing the money, please contact our branch to confirm the transfer, either by e-mail at or by sending us the proof of deposit in electronic form if the transfer was made via web-banking or by phone at 26810 23010. Your order will not be shipped until we receive your payment.